Thank you to the Rawlings Company!

The Rawlings Company has been a tremendous help to HighPoint in recent months. Their volunteer initiative gives every employee a paid free day for them to volunteer in the community. Through this initiative, HighPoint has received the help of over 125 Rawlings Company volunteers.

These groups have helped us with many tasks; stocking shelves with food, bagging produce, assembling USDA boxes, running the clothes closet, stuffing envelopes, and, recently, setting up and taking down our Christmas Store. We are always in need of volunteers, and Rawlings has been a gift, often just at the right time.

Our 2019 Christmas Store was fantastic, an opportunity to provide extravagantly for our clients. One of the biggest reasons for this was The Rawlings Company. They donated a huge percentage of the event’s toys as well as setting up and taking down the store. Many parents were openly excited at the sight of the store and overwhelmed with the understanding that their children would be so blessed this Christmas. Our mission is to show the love of God however we can, and the Rawlings Company has helped us to do that extravagantly through our Christmas Store.

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