Making a Difference – Donnie Jones

Donnie Jones has been serving at HighPoint for 3 years.  He was given the idea to volunteer by his mom, who served her community frequently.  After hearing Rusti Morrison, former director of HighPoint, speak at his church and call for volunteers, as well as a chance meeting her outside of church, he felt called to volunteer.

“I have continued to serve faithfully at Highpoint since that fateful day. I love the fact that I’m helping the people in my community and trying to make a difference in their lives. Speaking with them and helping them and praying with them is so amazing. And the people that you volunteer with are all so happy to be there!”

Donnie is a monumental help in the food pantry, helping set everything up for the day and unload food from the truck.  Additionally, he helps out with any heavy lifting that needs to be done in the clothes closet.  “And at the end of the day I get to load up my SUV and deliver food to the shut ins.”

“My favorite thing about volunteering at Highpoint is the people that I get to serve with. They all are so happy to be there and truly enjoy what we are doing.  And also the fact that this is a faith based ministry and we pray each day before we start and everyone there has the Lord in their heart. And anyone that walks through our doors gets the opportunity to hear about Jesus.”

“It took me many years to finally decide to step up and start volunteering. I am so grateful for the day that Rusti walked into my church. And I would tell anyone don’t wait for the Lord to find you and hit you on the head like I did to find a place to volunteer. We volunteer at places like Highpoint to help other people but you will get way more out of it than you ever put in! It’s so amazing.”


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