Letting God’s Love Shine Through us: Ric and Sam Weldon

Ric and Sam Weldon have been serving at HighPoint for seven months. They began serving at HighPoint in response to a Facebook post for a special volunteer opportunity. The Weldons have served through various means over the years, and found HighPoint as they searched for a way to serve on a community level.

Ric and Sam’s favorite thing about serving at HighPoint is: ” The people!  The other volunteers, the clients we have come to know, and being able to make a difference in someone’s life.” They have forged friendships with many volunteers and clients at HighPoint.

When they serve at HighPoint, the Weldons typically step in to help wherever it’s needed, most often in the pantry. Usually, they work in the produce section and help load client’s cars.

When asked what her favorite memory was from serving at HighPoint, Sam said, “This past Christmas, right before the doors opened for the Christmas Store – we both went up the back stairs to look at what the community and volunteers had pulled together.  We both know that the reason for Christmas is not about gifts, but we both stood in awe of what had been donated, collected, and staged beautifully for the families.  Individually we barely make a difference, but when we all work as a team towards a goal of serving the results are incredible.”

“Sometimes we get immediate feedback from helping, other times we may not know the true impact of our need.  Regardless of the reason why they come, we hope to breathe a hope into their spirit that God provides and never give up.  For a few minutes we get to let God’s love shine through us and meet an immediate need, if only for that day. “

Sam Weldon, on making a difference in the community.

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