Jeff and Patti Baker, Partners with HighPoint

Jeff and Patti Baker are generous people who have contributed so much to HighPoint and our mission.  They have always reached out with their gifts to serve and bless any community they have been in.  They prioritize faith, family, church, and building up their community.  They are always thinking outside of themselves and searching for ways to serve others.

The Bakers are in the Flea Market business.  While owning many stores through the years, they currently own 10 stores in both Kentucky and Indiana.  Twenty-one years ago, the Bakers opened their first flea market in Carrollton.  It was a joy for them to give the opportunity for people to own their own business through their booth and make a profit on whatever their specialty and interest was.  It was through their experience in Carrollton that they saw first hand the deep need for assistance to low income families.

They are committed to supporting organizations that are ministering in a variety of ways.  From serving families in eastern Kentucky with LifeBridge, to their own non-profit, Simply Friends, they are constantly working to benefit their community.  Through Simply Friends, the Bakers host annual holiday dinners for seniors.  The next holiday dinner is on December 4th at the John Black Community Center in LaGrange!

The Bakers also serve in their community through their service to residents at Stoneridge Apartments in LaGrange.  The first impressions team at Southeast Christian Church in LaGrange adopted the neighborhood of Stoneridge, hosting community events two times a month.  At these events there is food, games, and community.  There are approximately 50 people in attendance each time.  The Bakers’ nonprofit, Simply Friends, helps provide the food for the meal.

The Bakers moved to Oldham county 6 years ago to be close to their Flea Market stores.  They have had businesses in the area a long time.  They were interested in opening a thrift store for low income families in the area, but realized that HighPoint was already providing services.  They decided that they would rather support an existing ministry, and have been supporting HighPoint in a variety of ways ever since.

The Bakers donated HighPoint’s new coolers, helping us expand our capability to serve food-insecure families.  Through our discounted booths at their local business, TraderBaker Flea Market, they provide HighPoint the opportunity to raise money to support our operations budget.   The Baker’s have also been a consistent source of food donations through their non-profit events and soon will donate beef from their own farm.   Their most recent food donation includes hams for our annual Thanksgiving Boxes distributed to HighPoint clients, helping local families enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Meal!

The Baker’s partnership with HighPoint is just one facet of their generosity to this community.  We cannot thank them enough for their selflessness and good work.

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