“If you need a place to belong, I encourage you to come serve beside us.”

Alice Rodriguez has been serving at HighPoint “… since its early beginnings in a rented storage facility in Crestwood.” She is currently an HighPoint advocate and board member.

“I started serving to share with others that God loves us so much.” Rodriguez elaborates about her faith’s impact on her dedication to serve, saying: “As a Christian, I accept that we are to love God first, to share the hope we have in him and to love others as we love ourselves. That puts a whole new spin on being a Christian.” She stresses the practical application of showing this love to others. “I can do this by being genuinely interested in what is going on in their lives, listening to their concerns for family and friends, praying for and with them, showing the love of Jesus by being sure they have access to food, clothing, toiletries, really hear what is going on in their lives…”

“It is my desire to share Jesus with all who need/want to have a relationship with Him, to pray for them to accept him as their personal Savior. An advocate’s job is to afford each person the opportunity to make a personal decision about what they will do with this man called Jesus.”

Rodriguez has served as an advocate, administrative assistant, and Board Member for HighPoint, a job which she will retain for another three years. “I am looking forward to helping shape the future of our organization, and providing a place where clients can learn and grow in their relationship with God.”

“Since I have volunteered for years, clients have become friends and extended family. The volunteers who serve routinely are family. If you need a place to belong, I encourage you to come serve beside us and love on people the way Jesus commands us to do.”

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