Fellowship Serves’ 2nd Year at HighPoint!

This is the second year in a row that Fellowship Church has partnered with HighPoint through their Fellowship Serves project.  This year, twenty-five people painted, cleaned, and helped with various construction projects.  Though it was background work, these jobs had a big impact on HighPoint’s clients.HighPoint thanks Fellowship Church for its continued involvement and willingness to serve.  Their passion for serving the community in need is a testament to their love for Christ and for others.  HighPoint appreciates Fellowship’s servant heart, which is plainly shown by their Fellowship Serves project.  Once a year, instead of meeting for worship on Sunday morning, the church splits into ten to fifteen different groups and serves at various ministries or homes across the region.

At HighPoint, Fellowship’s volunteers accomplished various invaluable projects.  They painted HighPoint’s front doors, giving the building a colorful new look.  They spruced up the second floor worship center and meeting place.  The construction team built wooden storage bins that will store off-season clothes.  HighPoint is already working on filling the bins so that they can meet their clients’ needs when cold weather rolls around.

HighPoint is grateful for Fellowship’s volunteers and for their continued support.  The behind-the-scenes work they did is what helps HighPoint’s ministry thrive.

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