Digital Check-In System Increases Efficiency

Over the course of the fall, HighPoint transitioned to a digital check-in system for clients.

Using a program called Food Bank Manager, check-in has moved to the digital age with a comprehensive client database!  Over the summer, we worked to input the data and, in October, we launched the new system!  After working out the initial issues, everything is working very well!

Until this new system, the check-in process was time consuming and slow.  Because of HighPoint’s multiple ministries (each of which has different frequency allowances), check-in volunteers would have to pore through multiple binders searching for the right forms, causing stress and holding up lines.

Now, the check-in process goes much faster.  Not only does this increase productivity, it helps us have accurate data for our Dare to Care reporting requirements.  Additionally, with this data, we can make informed decisions about how to best meet our clients’ needs.

This new check-in system brings us into the digital age, increasing our efficiency and helping us meet the needs of our clients!

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