HighPoint thanks The Rawlings Company for Continued Support!

Recently, a group from the Rawlings company came and did some valuable work at HighPoint.  This is the second time that Rawlings has sent a team, and HighPoint is grateful for their continued contribution to the community.

The team from Rawlings was incredibly helpful at HighPoint.  They painted, worked in the clothes closet, converted a room into a classroom, and organized a literal ton of produce.

HighPoint appreciates The Rawlings Company’s dedication to the community.  Rawlings encourages employees to serve while on the clock.

HighPoint has many regular volunteers, but there are often projects that must take place out of regular hours.  Thanks to teams like the one Rawlings sent, HighPoint can complete those projects and better serve the community.

HighPoint thanks The Rawlings Company for its initiative and is grateful to be a recipient of their generosity.

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