KSR Woodshop Builds Benches for HighPoint

As you may have noticed, HighPoint recently acquired some beautiful new benches! They are high-quality, hand-crafted, and contain elegantly woodburned scriptures.  However, these benches are not just sturdy and good-looking.  They have a wonderful story.

The Kentucky State Reformatory has a woodshop that employs inmates to build furniture and other items, which they sell or donate back to the community.

HighPoint reached out to Patrick Kessinger, who commissioned his team to build the six benches you see on HighPoint’s front porch.  These benches each have a unique scripture emblazoned on the backs.  These scriptures remind people of HighPoint’s mission and motivation.  They are a great opportunity to share God’s word, and they are all uplifting messages of hope.


HighPoint thanks KSR’s woodshop for the generous donation to the community.

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